Fairfield Spring Concert - 1964
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Side 1
Jr. Varsity Band
01 Yankee Doodle Boy
02 Ballad
Girls Chorus
03 Tender Shepherd
04 I Whistle A Happy Tune
Jr. Varsity Band
05 Shoofly Calypso
Varsity Band
06 Totem Pole
07 Shangri-la
Girls Chorus
08 How Do You Speak To An Angel
09 Young And Foolish
Varsity Band
10 Exodus
Side 2
Varsity Band
01 Bathsheba
A Cappella Choir
02 The Christ Theme ("Ben Hur")
03 A-Round The Corner
A Cappella Choir and Girls Chorus
04 Selections From "The Music Man"
Varsity Band
05 Cha Cha For Band
06 America The Beautiful
Combined Bands and Choruses
07 Battle Hymn Of The Republic

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1964 Fairfield Jr. High A Cappella Choir - Karen Westbrook, Director
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