Our 30th Reunion was held June 7, 1997 on the Annabel Lee. 74 classmates attended.  Our special guest was Mrs. Westbrook!

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Ted Teachey, Kenny Germain,Billy Seay, Bill Cumby, Rick Rouse,
Bobby Harding, Richard Starr,Crawford Irvin, Everett Alexander,
Bernard Newton, Donnie Thurston, Ray Owens, Linda Moore, Kenny
Zuraw, Dennis Kasky, Bobby Walden, Beckie Goin Harkins,
Dennis Newcomb, Cathy Ziegler Perret, Joe Carson,
Joanne Williamson Rowe, Lynnette Moore, Bruce Hawkins,
Kay Plyler Baber, Nick Geer, Dee Nicholson White,
Dana Hanson, Arthur Overby, Carolyn Byrd Kirby,
Eleanor Ogburn Saunders, Isabell Ferguson Gold,
Connie Payne Bostic, Brooke Smith,
Steve Davis, John Saunders, Jimmy Stone, Wayne Baker,
Derek Ellerman, Sam Coppedge,Carolyn Hendrick Nicholas,
Dallas Faires, Donnie Martin, Mike Rowe, Linda Francis Connell,
Sandra Charles Hovis, Nancy Byrd Ames, Clyde Pitts,
Louie Rodriguez, Eddie Heath, Dickie Van Ness,
Linda Keyser Kimmel, Jeff Kimmel, Chris Layne, Joan Hudson Layne,
Jim Whitlow, Wes Clark, Jim Barden, Sharon Austin, Claude Miller,
Freeman Russ, Sue Burton Pace  Not shown:  Charles Hague